Australian Electoral Commission

Western Australian voters to elect six Senators

Updated: 3 April 2014

WA voters will elect six Senators in the 2014 WA Senate election but must complete their ballot paper correctly to ensure their vote counts, the AEC said today.

Australian Electoral Officer for Western Australia, Kathy Mitchell, said voters will receive one white Senate ballot paper to complete and urged people to take care when voting.

On the white Senate ballot paper, voters have the choice to either mark a box above the line with a ‘1’ (one) for the party or group of their choice, or number every box below the line from 1 to 77 in the order of their choice.

If a voter does not wish to follow the group voting ticket for a party/group, they can vote below the line on the Senate ballot paper. To ensure their below the line vote counts, they must number all the boxes from 1 to 77 in the order of their choice.

Group voting tickets

By voting above the line, voters are choosing to follow the preferences the party/group set out on its ‘group voting ticket’ (GVT).

GVTs and are also available in every polling place on request. Voters with internet access may find it more convenient to review party/group voting tickets at home rather than examine the lengthy GVT booklet at the polling place.