Quota Preferential Vote Counting

This page allows you to run elections using the Quota Preferential method of Proportional Representation.

The form is initialized with sample data from the PRSA vote counting manual (hmm, there might be a couple of votes missing, so the numbers might not be the same as in the manual).

Number of positions to fill (eg, size of committee):

Number of candidates:

Candidates must be entered one per line in the order they appear on the ballot papers (it is assumed that all ballot papers have the candidates listed in the same order). For example:

White, A.
Green, B.
Brown, C.
Black, D.


Ballots must be entered one per line and the last line should be "END". Each line should have the preference numbers corresponding to each candidate on a ballot paper terminated by periods ("."). Spaces should be used for preferences which are not marked. For example, if the ballot paper looked like

White, A.  2
Green, B.
Brown, C.  1
Black, D.  3
indicating the first preference is for Brown, the second preference is for White and the third preference is for Black, then the ballot paper should be entered as:
2. .1.3.


Double check the data entered then ...