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Queensland’s Legislative Assembly’s Committee Inquiry into possible reform

of the Electoral Systems used for Municipal Elections in Queensland






See PRSA Submission No. 134 to Review of Queensland’s municipal electoral systems. PRSA opposes the part of the Queensland Greens Submission No. 126 for an MMP system like New Zealand’s, which is mostly indirect election.



See Queensland’s Hansard (25th March 2010) for motion, by Ms Spence, carried for PR to be considered for municipal elections.



Despite the Queensland Local Government Association’s Policy Statement on “Representing the Community” referring to “balance”, “participation”, “inclusion of diversity”, etc, statements against PR like those in the article below appear. The article refers to “instability”, without recognizing the wild swings at successive elections that can occur with winner-take-all systems, but not PR.



Queensland Local Government Association Executive Director quoted below claiming (falsely) there are no councils using PR in Australia, when PR is the predominant municipal electoral system in NSW, in Victoria, in SA and in Tasmania.





Brisbane Courier-Mail 26th March 2010 Page 9




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