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2014 News




Hodgman Government rejects Liberal State Council move for replacing Hare-Clark

PRSAV-T Inc. response to Victoria's Local Government Electoral Review Panel's 55 recommendations on the municipal electoral system

2014-06 See transcript of the appearance by the PRSA(SA) President at the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters Inquiry into the Conduct of the 2013 election, and the Branch's Submission No. 145.

2014-05 Condolence motion moved in Tasmania's House of Assembly by the Premier, on the death of the Hon. Neil Robson AM, who was the instigator of Robson Rotation

2014-05 See the submission by the PRSA's ACT Branch to the review of the Australian Capital Territory's Electoral Act 1992.

See submissions to the federal Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters by the PRSA National President, No. 142; PRSA(NSW), No. 87; PRSA(Vic-Tas), No. 186; PRSA(SA), No. 145; and certain PRSA members; PRSA's related January 2014 submission below on Senator Xenophon's Bill; the transcript of the appearance by the PRSA National Secretary and the PRSAV-T President at the JSCEM's Inquiry into the Conduct of the 2013 election; plus a one-page handout that PRSA tabled.

Australian Electoral Commission media statement on WA Senate poll admits GVT booklets are lengthy, and voters without internet are discriminated against, by saying,
"GVTs are also available in every polling place on request. Voters with internet access may find it more convenient to review party/group voting tickets at home rather than examine the lengthy GVT booklet at the polling place."
Members and interested persons are invited to a free talk by Malcolm Mackerras AO on "Changes Needed to the Senate Electoral System" to be followed by discussion with those present. It will be at 8 pm on Tuesday 1 April 2014 in central Melbourne.
For further details ring 0429176725 or email vtpre@prsa.org.au and book by email.

The PRSA made Submission No. 4 to the Inquiry by the Federal Parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters on Senator Xenophon's Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Above the Line Voting) Bill 2013.

The countback to fill the Bayside City Council seat vacated by Cr Stephen Hartney led to Bruce Lowe being elected to that Central Ward seat, despite PRSA's earlier expectation that Damon Carli would be elected, as Stephen Hartney had, at the 2012 general election, recommended that his voters should give their second preference to Mr Carli. As the Returning Officer's Distribution Report shows however, enough ballot papers in the quota of votes that had Stephen Hartney elected were marked by the voters with Bruce Lowe ahead of Damon Carli, so Mr Lowe received an absolute majority of Stephen Hartney's quota, and was therefore elected rather than Mr Carli.


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