Redistributions: Main Aims of PRSA Rules for Dividing States and Territories



Rules Generally: The Rules would establish a fixed pattern of multi-member electoral district allotment, in order to remove discretion and hence scope for inconsistencies and anomalies in the hands of the Executive Government or the Electoral Commission.

Aim of Rule 1: Electoral districts with an even number of seats would be prohibited, to avoid equal representation of unequal voting blocs.

Aim of Rule 2: A main aim is to reduce the variety, for each State or Territory, of the categories of multi-member electoral districts within it, categorized by the number of seats per electoral district, to a maximum of two categories as far as possible.

Aim of Rule 3: This states present statutory goals in a form appropriate for multi-member electoral districts.

Aim of Rule 4: This ensures that the disparities in area between the smallest and largest electoral districts in a State under the present system do not increase and will often decrease.

Aim of Rule 5: This is desirable to ensure that disparities between the largest and smallest quotas Australia-wide are maintained within prescribed limits.

Aim of Rule 6: This Rule is to reduce all quotas to the greatest extent possible consistent with the other rules.