PRSA Rules for dividing States & Territories into Multi-member Divisions for

Quota-preferential Proportional Representation Elections for the Australian House of Representatives



1.   No electoral district shall have an even number of seats.

2.   No State or Territory shall have more than two categories of electoral districts, to be categorized by the number of seats per electoral district. The categories in that State or Territory shall not differ in number of seats per electoral district by more than two.

3.   Within a State or Territory, the ratios per electoral district of eligible electors to seats shall remain within a ten per cent tolerance.

4.   The electoral districts within the category having the fewer seats per electoral district shall be those electoral districts that have the smallest ratio of seats to area within the State or Territory.

5.   The Act shall fix for Australia as a whole a maximum size, which shall be a number nine or greater, for the number of seats per electoral district.

6.   Subject to the foregoing rules being complied with, the number of electoral districts and the number of seats for each shall be fixed in a manner that will minimize the number of electoral districts.