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Title and Author




A Century of Responsible Government in Tasmania 1856-1956:

F C Green

B5 hardback 320 pages

Tasmanian Government Printer 1956


A Plea for Pure Democracy - Mr Hare’s Reform Bill applied to South Australia: Catherine Spence 1861



Australian Electoral Reform and Two Concepts of Representation:

Iain McLean, Paper for APSA Jubilee Conference, Canberra, October 2002



Anglican Diocese of Melbourne’s Regulation of Elections Act 1980, which prescribes quota-preferential proportional representation for elections by Synod

20-page A5 booklet 1992


Booklet ACT Electoral Commission sent all ACT electors at the 1992 plebiscite to choose between a Hare-Clark system and 17 single-member electorates



Booklet ACT Electoral Commission sent all ACT electors at the 1995 referendum on proposed entrenchment of the Hare-Clark proportional representation system



Constitution Commission, Victoria, 2002 Final Report



Democratic Representation under the Hare-Clark System - The Need for Seven-member Electorates: Dr George Howatt, University of Tasmania

 30-page Foolscap booklet

Tasmanian Government Printer 1958

  Droop quota or Hare quota: Why Droop quota has superseded Hare quota.





Elections - Full, Free and Fair:

Professor Marian Sawyer, Australian National University



Electoral Reform:

An Exposition of the Theory and Practice of Proportional Representation

Professor Edward Nanson, University of Melbourne 1875-1922




Everybody Counts - The Hare-Clark Electoral System:

Hon. Neil Robson

A5  paperback 17 pages

















Hare-Clark in Tasmania - Representation of All Opinions:

Terry Newman, Parliamentary Librarian, Tasmania

B5 paperback 319 pages

Tasmanian Govt. Printing Office 1992

ISBN 0 7246 3876 8

 Hare quota or Droop quota: Why Droop quota has superseded Hare quota.


History of the Proportional Representation Society of Australia & Its Branches

HTM file totalling some 60 pages





Inglis Clark's other contribution: A critical analysis of the Hare-Clark voting system:
Scott Bennett, Proc. The Samuel Griffith Society, Ch. 5, Vol. 23, Hobart, 2011

 PDF file of 13 pages





Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform: First Report, 1983



Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform: Second Report, 1984









Local Government Board of Review, Victoria, 1978: PRSAV Submission

Foolscap 22 pages PRSAV
October 1978





Mirror of the Nation’s Mind – Australia’s Electoral Experiments:


A5 paperback 160 pages 

Hale & Iremonger, Sydney 1980








1902 and the Origins of Preferential Electoral Systems in Australia:

David Farrell and Ian McAllister

Australian Journal of Politics and History   Vol 51 No 2, 2005





 On Methods of Electing Representatives:
 Henry R Droop

 Journal of the Statistical Society of London
 Vol. 44 No. 2 (June 1881)





Preferential Voting in Australia:
David Farrell and Ian McAllister



Proportional Representation:

Clarence Hoag and Dr George Hallett

A5 hardback 546 pages 

The Macmillan Co. New York 1926


Proportional Representation - A Study in Methods of Election:
John B Humphreys 1911, Hon. Secretary, Proportional Representation Society, UK

223 pages free online


Proportional Representation Manual:

Proportional Representation Society of Australia

 B5 paperback 15 pages

1977 (revised) ISBN 0 9599728 2 X


Proposals for change to our electoral system
NSW Senator Arthur Gietzelt
ALP Spokesperson on Administrative Services and Home Affairs

A4 booklet 94 pages
July 1981









Real Choices/New Voices - The Case for Proportional Representation in the United States: Professor Douglas Amy

B5 hardback 278 pages

Columbia University Press New York 1993


Reports on each of Tasmania’s House of Assembly elections since 1909:

Tasmanian Electoral Commission website













The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth

John Quick and Robert Garran 1901 - Extracts therefrom

B5  hardback 1,008 pages

1901 edition reprinted by Legal Books Sydney 1976

 The Australian Electoral System - Origins, Variations and Consequences
David Farrell and Ian McAllister
179 pages © 2006 University of New South Wales Press Ltd.
ISBN 0 86840 858 1

The Government of New South Wales
Robert Stewart Parker
462 pages © 1978 University of Queensland Press
ISBN 0 7022 1139 7


The King and His Dominion Governors

Dr Herbert Vere Evatt

150 x 225 mm hardback 324 pages

F W  Cheshire Pty Ltd Melbourne

1st edition 1936 2nd edition 1967


The 1983 Change in Surplus Vote Transfer Procedures for the Australian Senate and its Consequences for the Single Transferable Vote:

David Farrell and Ian McAllister

Australian Journal of Politics and History   Vol 38 No 3, 2003


The Principles of Parliamentary Democracy
Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) 1884









 "Voting Matters" is a UK website of the McDougall Trust that lists electoral publications.


















Your vote - effective or wasted? See also “Thomas Hill”.

Proportional Representation Society of Australia

115 x 170 mm paper booklet 16 pages

4th edition 1980 ISBN 0 9598728 2 5